Four miles south of Grass Lake, Michigan, just an hour over the ohio border

   (517) 262-6193 FARRIER  or 

   (231) 258-0973 BEAGLES

Producing CHAMPION FIELD & SHOW BEAGLES Thru Training, Nutrition, & Healthcare. Specializing in producing well-started young rabbit Beagles

A special thanks to those that believed in our dream of having good looking hunting Beagles and believing in us: Khalida Hendricks at Copper Sky Beagles, Jon Woodring & Wade Burns at Lanbur Beagles, and Mary Cummings at Stonemeadow Kennels.


Where do we get our supplies?  Glad you asked!  C2R gets our GPS Tracking Collars, our briarproof chaps, coats, vests and more from Mike Franklin at Okie Dog Supply / Mule Hunting Clothes.  Mike is easy to work with and will even make custom items for you if you need it!  You won’t go wrong if you visit



www.mule hunting clothes.com

Mule Hunting Clothes and Okie Dog Supply – Mike Franklin, Owner