LPRCH C2R Blue Sable


  • Nickname Sable
  • Date of Birth Jul 01, 2014
  • Color Black, Tan, White, Ticked
  • Owners Greg Lucas

C2R Blue Sable is a 14″ female by sire FC FCGD Side Hill Keuka Blue and dam Side Hill Sable (FC Northway Spur, FC Northway Jumpmaster, FC Haunted Hill Shaker, FC Northway Slim Jim).  Sable is full sister to Diesel and is also super fast.

Sable has started going to trials in the fall of 2016 and on 2/11/17 she made Rabbit Champion.  She has the conformation and hunt that we hope to breed into our pack and will be one of our top brood bitches.

Notable Wins:

2/11/17 NKC Little Pack, RBC, 1st out of 21 entries, making Sable a Rabbit Champion.

As of 2/11/17, Sable finished the Michigan HOY standings in Open dogs at the top with 95.3 points.  Now she begins her Champion career!