C2R Maximum Blue

We are expecting 2 field Beagle litters and a show Beagle litter in the spring. If you would like us to call you when the litters are born, please give us your name and phone number by texting/calling 231-258-0973 or email us at rachel@chance2ranch.com. Thanks for your interest in C2R quality dogs!


  • Nickname Max
  • Date of Birth Sep 13, 2013
  • Color black, tan, bluetick
  • Owners Greg Lucas

C2R Maximum Blue, aka, “Max” by sire PCH GRCH HBCH Jump Mountain Joker’s Wild (with topline having several crosses to FC Dingus Macrae, “Dingus is the most consistent 13″ maile ever to hit the U.S. Large Pack Circuit, placing in every trail entered, combining a record second to none with the greatest-producing strains in Large Pack history”)  and out of dam, Hall Mountain Give Em Elle (NSPC FC Twin Maples Reds, and FC Lomax’s Blurock Josie Blu).

He was whelped 9/13/13, is just over 14″, has a big bawl mouth, runs extremely tight to check at medium speed and can pick up the trickiest rabbit trail with a speed of around 7-8.  Max is a CHECK MASTER!

Max consistently places in the top 10 and is our favorite dog to take hunting – either cottontail or hare.  He is also our house dog and thinks very highly of himself.  We are currently using him as our stud dog for our first generation of rabbit dogs – he is sire to C2R Badas Brutus out of C2R Makem Ticked.  Brutus is doing very well his first year trialing and has already made Little Pack Bench Champion, took 3rd in his 2017 AKC SPO Derby, and has taken 2nd placings in both Little Pack and Progressive Pack.  Max’s 2017 litter is by C2R Bella Blu Amore, which is adding speed to line control.

Notable Wins

2015 NKC/ARHA Little Pack Michigan State Hunt – 5th place out of 40 dogs.
2017 NKC/ARHA Progressive Pack Michigan State Hunt – 2nd out of 24 dogs.
2017 NKC/ARHA Little Pack Best Male
2017 NKC/ARHA Progressive Pack – 1st out of 24 dogs
2017 NKC/ARHA Little Pack – 3rd out of 30 dogs