For Sale

C2R Bell Ringer, above, is a male show-lines bred male Beagle born May 13, 2024. Beautiful conformation and super temperament, however, he was born with a small kink in his tail which means he won’t go in the show ring. That’s an advantage to you as he is now available to a pet/companion home. Ringer is now 8 weeks old, can be shy of new things for about a second, then warms up immediately. Has been exposed to our grandchildren, cats, horses and plenty of other dogs. Super cudley and loveable, he has the potential to do whatever you like! If you think you would like to meet him and discuss further, give us a call at 231 two five eight, 0973. $2,500 due when you pick him up, both parents genetically health tested, AKC registered and papers will transfer to you as non-breeding upon payment in full. 30 days free health insurance from AKC at the time of registration transfer. Parents carefully selected and raised here on site with best of nutrition and vaccination schedules.

The three girls above are from our very best show champions. They were born May 1, 2024 and I have kept them for a while so I could decide which one to keep. They were so consistent and beautiful, I have a hard time deciding! One or two of these girls might possibly be available at the end of July 2024. They have solid temperaments, have been extremely well-taken care of, purposefully bred, with health and nutrition in mind. Vaccinations and worming are all up to date. They are blank slates waiting for your consistent training and love. So snuggly and loving. If you think you might like to meet them and us, please give us a call at 231 2 5 8 zero 9 seven 3. $2,500 for one of these pups due when you pick them up, comes with AKC registration papers transferred into your name upon payment in full, both parents genetically health tested and clear of all Beagle diseases, 30 days of free health insurance from AKC when registration transfers, and more than a decade of responsible breeding.

We are Breeders of Merit with the American Kennel Club. Each pup comes with 30 days free health insurance through AKC. We pay for the AKC transfer registration of each pup to its new owner. The puppies come microchipped, with a small bag of food, a toy and blanket. You are responsible to continue potty training & leash training. However, you always have access to us with any questions and concerns that might arise. The price is $2,500, and they are located in Grass Lake, Michigan.

The parents are American Kennel Club registered and pups are as well. The Pups parents have been genetically health tested through Embark Labs, puppies are clear of the following Beagle diseases:

Factor VII, MLS, Neonatal Cerebellar Cortical Degeneration, PRA, Cobalamin Malabsorption, Congenital Stationary Night Blindness, Hypocatalasia, Acatalasemia, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Primary Open Angle Glaucoma, Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency.

The pups are subject to Early Neurological Stimulation which is designed to stimulate the neurological system and in turn make healthier, smarter adult dogs that are easier to train.

Parents and puppies are fed quality dry kibble with 10% meat, probiotics, added vitamins and other supplements to optimize reproductive and growth health.

A nomograph through University of Wisconsin’s CAVIDS labs has been performed on the mother which indicates when vaccinations need to be given to the puppies to ensure immunization is optimal for Parvo and Distemper and those vaccinations and Titer testing is completed up to date of the puppies age and requirements. You will be responsible to continue appropriate immunization through vaccines and titer testing with your vet. See the link on this website articles.

Worming has been performed on both parents and then on the female when she is 45 days pregnant through two weeks after the pups are born with Fenbendazole to keep parasites from transferring to the pups through the mother’s milk. Pups are wormed every two weeks as well to help combat parasites found in the environment.

Thoughtful research has been considered on the previous generations of both parents and considered before this mating occurred. The temperaments of both parents is a merry little hound that is pack-oriented and very loyal, eager to please, super smart and funny. These pups will be very easy to acclimate into their new homes and will bond quickly with new owners at any age.