FALL 2023 Litter:

We have bred our young stud, George to Millie, for her last litter for us. We will be doing an ultrasound on September 18, 2023 to determine if she took. If she did, we may have a couple pups available from this litter to the right homes. We cannot guarantee sex, and most likely only males will be available, however, we CAN assure you that this litter will be free of all known Beagle disease (parents are genetically tested), and we can assure you that they will be all traditional tri-color Beagles. If Millie took, she would be due around October 17, 2023. The pups will be ready at 9 weeks old to go to their new homes, which is around December 19, 2023. We will be very discerning about who gets one of these pups – it will be a fantastic litter and we want only the best for them. The price will be $3,000 per pup, which includes AKC registration transferred into your name and vaccinations/worming appropriate for age. These pups will be very striking and loving, active, funny, loyal, extremely smart and happy. No deposits are necessary, however, a contract will be signed and agreed upon once we have established you are the perfect new owner.

Please fill out the C2R Application below to be considered:

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This will be the name that the new Beagle will be AKC registered under.
This will be the email address that AKC needs to send information to.
From time to time, we have young adults available when we will no longer breed them-they make wonderful, loving companions and don't require as much training as a new puppy would.
Type of Home
Your answer helps us determine the energy level you are looking for in a Beagle.
Have you owned Beagles before?
This helps us determine the Beagle temperament desired.
We are not a puppy mill and it can take a few litters before we match you up to the perfect Beagle for you. Tell us your time frame for a new Beagle and if you are willing to wait for the perfect one!
Examples: inside wire crate, outdoor kennel with adequate dog box, we are always home, our family watches them while we are away, we don't leave much (work from home).
Examples: Play in the yard, go for car rides and take new Beagle everywhere with us, walks in the park, use as a therapy dog, hunting, showing, 4H, scent work, agility, take on the boat, travel, flyball, lure coursing, barn hunt, dock diving, play mate for children, or any other activities you might do.
Beagles are not adults until they are 3 years old. Anything younger then that needs consistent, progressive training to be shaped in the perfect adult dog. Even a young adult dog will need a few months acclimating to a new home. We need to know you are committed to consistent, daily training and that you can get help if you need it.
List vet/clinic name and phone number. If you do not currently have a vet, please do some research on vets in your area and discuss getting a new Beagle with the them, provide their contact info here. It is your option to have the new Beagle vet-checked when you take it home, to ensure you are getting a healthy Beagle - we will discuss timing with you before you pick up the Beagle.
We send texts and emails with pictures and sometimes videos