Nothing available as of 11/14/22. We expect show litters in mid-2023 – please call us in January 2023 to discuss. 2 3 125 8 0 9 7 3.

So you want a Beagle?

We do some screening to see if a Beagle is really the breed for you. They are intelligent, bred to hunt all day long, so all-day endurance is something built in to their genetics. Beagles are scent hounds, so they use their nose to find anything – you cannot turn them lose unattended or they will follow their nose – outside or inside. An apartment setting, with no place to turn your Beagle out safely for some free time, is not ideal and we cannot sell to that type of situation – if you live in an apartment you should look at other breeds – see www.akc.org to read up on different needs of different breeds.

Happy Customers!

For a Beagle to behave inside your home, they must have things to keep their mind active – a bit of free time outside (can be as small as a 10x10x6 chain link kennel with an insulated dog house – an underground electric fence will not keep them contained – must be secure privacy fence, farm fence and t posts, or the like with part of it buried), some specific training time during the day, some long walks, and a daily routine they can count on. Then snuggling up to you on the couch at the end of your day can be part of that routine. But left to it’s own with minimal exercise and minimal interaction with humans, a Beagle can destroy your home in a hurry – it’s your job to ensure you select the correct breed for your situation, and if it’s a Beagle, it’s your job to raise and train the dog up right. Be prepared to put some effort into training your puppy, acclimating an older pup or young dog, and developing a relationship.

We like to match people up to the perfect dog for them. We watch our pups grow and develop personality, and we evaluate each pup. We discuss what you are looking for, how your home life interaction with a dog will be, what your family is like, and then we match dogs to fit. It’s important that you give us enough information that we can help you and the new Beagle be perfect for each other. We stand behind the dogs we sell; if you ever have any questions or need help, we have access to an entire network of Breeders, Veterinarians, Vet Techs, Geneticists, Doctors and more. If we don’t know the answers, we can help you find out.

We breed superior show Beagles and hunting Beagles, and occasionally we cross the two as we try to develop a better looking hunting dog. Out of each litter, we keep a few that we may use in our breeding program, and we find perfect companion homes for the rest. We use DNA health testing for breeding our pairs and we do hips/elbows/patella/heart/eyes/thyroid/Lafora on our studs that we use from our programs and offer a health guarantee against any of these things we can actually test for.

We sometimes have puppies and young adults for sale, and may even have a retired older dog for sale to the right homes. If you really want a Beagle from Chance 2 Ranch, we work with you to get you just the right one.

Contact us to discuss what you are looking for and how we can help. 231 258 0973 text or cell.