It is uncanny how just the right owner shows up and just the right time for just the right dog. Here at C2R, we have had the great pleasure to match our dogs with some awesome owners. We would like to thank each and every one of you! We have had several people come back for a second C2R dog – we give a discount on multiple purchases because we feel that is the best testimony as it shows how much time, care and training we put into our dogs. 
Thank you to all our Beagle Family!
“Wahini will be helping even more people [with her multi-titles].  Your attention to detail for stability and working ability, great head starts, and fantastic lines have made this possible.  I had a lot of people in the working field that doubted if Beagles would be possible as they have only seen poorly-bred Beagles.  This little chick Wahini has nerves of steel, works her butt off, and I feel like she’s going to affect a lot of people’s lives for the better.  Thank you so much for this dog and your dedication to creating better dogs in the world”
~Morgan Weller, The Dog Trainers, K9 SAR Certified Trainer
“I have been raising and hunting behind beagles for over eighteen years; C2R’s Genetics and early mental stimulus techniques set their dogs far above the pack. Our C2R dog came home already set to a daytime schedule and sniffing for rabbits. By 9 weeks old she knows her name, comes when called, is house broken, she chases rabbits much faster than she should for her age and communicates with intelligence behind her eyes.” 
~Andrew Melick
“We couldn’t be happier with our C2R Beagle we bought from Greg and Rachel. Harley has endless drive to hunt and is also a great family companion” ~Mark Frasier
“I discovered via Google when searching for Beagle Breeders in Michigan. Upon contacting Rachel and Greg, I was delightfully informed they had a litter the week prior. My husband and I were so excited to surprise our 3 daughters with a Beagle puppy! When it came time to choose a puppy, we had a choice between a tri-color (black, white and tan) or a Brown with a white tipped tail and white “socks”! Both were so cute! We had such a difficult time choosing, so we decided to take both pups! Best decision ever!
~Kathryn Nelson
“We love our C2R Blaze with all our hearts! Great temper, great companion, he is the best! Our experience with C2R was great! Consistent updates right up until we picked him up. C2R was all we hoped for and more!” ~Courtney Carten