Lanbur Midnight Affair II, “Lil’ Judy”

(CH Lanbur Singing The Blues ex Lanbur Meet Me At Midnight)

13″ Show Beagle, whelped 1/27/20.

Judy is our newest addition, and at her very first show, the National Beagle Club Specialty in Wilmington, Ohio, she took first in her 6-9 month puppy class and Best Puppy In Variety!  We are very excited about her.

She is super special, as Wade Burns and I made the deal just days before his passing, and I wish I could call him today to tell him the great news.  I am truly blessed and appreciate Lanbur Beagles for their support and friendship. 

Owned by Rachel Lucas

Lanbur Midnight Kisses, “Millie”

(CH Bory Wood Ramon ex CH Lanbur Stealing Kisses)

13″ AKC Show Beagle, whelped 8/11/19.

Millie has the look we wanted in our show kennel.  Beautiful headpiece, short bodied, low hocks, and showy.  We are hoping to finish her championship in 2021 and use her for breeding.

Owned by Rachel Lucas, Wade Burns and Jon Woodring

White Gloves Star Of Wonder “Maya”

(MBISS GCH Red Americana Kempinski At Argyle ex BISS GCHB White Gloves Daughter Of The Stars)

15″ AKC Registered Show Female Beagle
Whelped 12/11/19.

Maya has a lot of things to like about her – love her low hocks and perfect conformation.  Beautiful headpiece and amazing reach and drive.  She will finish as a champion in 2021 and then we will use her for breeding.

Owned by Rachel Lucas and Barb Ferneyhough

C2R Hold The Line  “Truly”

(White Gloves Rome Calling ex C2R Field of Dreams At Stonemeadow)

Whelped 6/11/20. 3/4 show Beagle, 1/4 hunting Beagle, Bluetick coloring.

This is our second generation cross between show and field.  We are liking her looks, now to see how she does in the field!

Owned and bred by Rachel Lucas


LPRCH C2R Blu Sable “Sable 15″ Hunting Beagle, Whelped 7/1/14.
(FC FCGD Side Hill Kueka Blue ex Side Hill Sable)
Sable earned her championship in 4 consecutive trials in ARHA Little Pack format.  Sable is big-boned, huge chest and has a great headpiece for a field dog.  Most importantly, she has a ton of foot and can smell a rabbit in extreme cold weather.  Sable passes her abilities down to her litters, with her first litter producing an AKC Field Champion (Riley’s Rolling C2R Cruella – winning 4 AKC Midwest SPO trials in row and a total of 5 before the age of 3). 
Owned by Greg Lucas


LPRCH/PPRCH C2R Bella Blu Amore “Bella” 15″ Hunting Beagle, Whelped 7/6/14
(FC FCGD Side Hill Keuka Blue x Side Hill Bella)
Bella is an ARHA dual-format champion – earning a championship before the age of two in both Little Pack and Progressive Pack. 
She is upper medium speed with a chop mouth and hunt that won’t quit.
Owned by Greg Lucas


C2R Betty Lou “Betty” – 15″ AKC hunting Beagle, whelped 2/10/18
(Miles Rolling Dice ex LPRCH C2R Sable)
Betty is full sister to FC Riley’s Rolling C2R Cruella.  She hasn’t been trialed except for an AKC Derby where she took NBQ out of 28 derbies.  She is a fast dog and has a squal mouth, with intense hunt and nose to match.
Bred and Owned by Greg Lucas


C2R Blue Velvet “Velvet” – 15″ AKC hunting Beagle, Whelped 10/21/19
(LPRCH PPRCH C2R Maximum Blue x LPRCH C2R Blu Sable)
Velvet hasn’t been trialed, but she has been hunted a lot.  She is medium speed and can pick out the trickiest rabbits.  Velvet will be bred to Diesel in 2021.  Diesel has much more foot and should produce an upper medium speed litter with great noses, extreme hunt, and no quit.
Bred and Owned by Greg Lucas


C2R Blue Diamond “Diamond” – 15″ AKC hunting Beagle, Whelped 10/21/19
(LPRCH PPRCH C2R Maximum Blue x LPRCH C2R Blu Sable)
Diamond is upper medium speed and loves to hunt.  She has had her first litter by Diesel – this litter should be upper medium to fast but have extreme hunt, no quit, and noses for extreme weather.
Bred and Owned by Greg Lucas