CH Lanbur Blue Jean Baby “Jeanie” 15″ Show Beagle
(BISS GCH Trajam The Tourist “Johnny” ex Lanbur Brierpatch Beauty Secret “Beauty”)
Owned by Rachel Lucas, Wade Burns, and Jon Woodring
Lanbur Midnight Kisses, “Millie”, 13″ AKC Show Beagle, 8 months old
(CH Bory Wood Ramon ex CH Lanbur Stealing Kisses)
Owned by Rachel Lucas, Wade Burns and Jon Woodring
Sarah Lee’s Pack Pride And Prejudice, CGC “Darcy” 15″ Show Beagle
ICH Cherry Creek On Victory Lane ex ICH Sarah Lee’s Pack Member of Snoopy Gang
Mercedes Simpatica PS, “Mercy”
CH Vancouver Xandrina ex CH Simpatica Lizbona PS
Polish bred AKC Registered 15″ Beagle
C2R Pipes Like Mahalia “Piper” – 13″ AKC Beagle, Owned by Kim McQuade
(CH Lanbur Heir To Fame x CH Copper Sky Aerial’s Park N Go)

C2R The Black Pearl “Pearl” – 15″ AKC Beagle, Owned by Rebecca Bischoff
(CH Lanbur Heir To Fame x CH Copper Sky Aerial’s Park N Go)
White Gloves Star Of Wonder “Maya”, 15″ AKC Registered Show Female Beagle
(MBISS GCH Red Americana Kempinski At Argyle ex BISS GCHB White Gloves Daughter Of The Stars)
Owned by Rachel Lucas and Barb Ferneyhough
C2R Field of Dreams At Stone Meadow “Annie”, 15″ AKC Registered Show/Field Cross
(LPRCH PPRCH C2R Maximum Blue ex Sarah Lee’s Pack Pride And Prejudice CGC)
Owned by Rachel Lucas, Mary Cummings, and Sue Nichols
LPRCH C2R Blu Sable “Sable”
(FC FCGD Side Hill Kueka Blue ex Side Hill Sable)
AKC / NKC registered female Beagle whelped 2014. Sable has a huge nose, 14.7″, big bodied with plenty of bone and foot. We didn’t start trialing her until she was 3, and she earned her Little Pack Rabbit Champion title in just 4 trials. Sable was very close to earning her Progressive Pack Rabbit Champion title but we have slowed down on the trials we go to. She has had two litters, both very large with 11 and 12 healthy pups. We have a waiting list for her pups so contact us soon if you are interested.
LPRCH/PPRCH C2R Bella Blu Amore “Bella”
(FC FCGD Side Hill Keuka Blue x Side Hill Bella)
One of our best AKC / NKC registered field females, Bella earned her champion title in NKC Little Pack at just 10 months old. Not long after, she earned her champion title in NKC Progressive Pack and was certified. She is 14.5″. Huge nose and plenty of foot, this girl can put dinner on the table in a hurry. With champions in her bloodlines like NLPC FC Maravic’s Blue Ninja on both sides, FC Northway Driver, FC Branko’s Heli Prop and FC Branko’s Lumberjack, Bella was sure to be a winner. She has produced a litter for us and passed down her wicked hunt to each of them. We hope to breed her again fall of 2019 and have a waiting list for her pups.

C2R Betty Lou “Betty” – 15″ AKC hunting Beagle
(Miles Rolling Dice ex LPRCH C2R Sable)
Betty is an AKC / NKC registered field Beagle. Accurate, huge nose, and super fast. She took NBQ at her first AKC Derby out of 27 entries when she was just barely over a year old. Her pedigree reads like the who’s who of field trials with greats such as FCGD FCLP Big City’s Rolling Stone, NLPC IFC Riley’s Rolling Trails, IFC FCGC FCLP Stony Hills Gator, FCLP FCGC Wilson’s Izzo, NLPC IFC Big Creek Nice Cream, and IFC Northway Driver. Betty has great conformation and bone as well. Her sister, Cruella, has been health tested by EMBARK labs and was clear on all 169 diseases tested for. Betty is just a year and a half old now and we expect her to do very well in the future.

C2R Blue Velvet “Velvet” – 15″ AKC hunting Beagle
(LPRCH PPRCH C2R Maximum Blue x LPRCH C2R Blu Sable)

C2R Blue Diamond “Diamond” – 15″ AKC hunting Beagle
(LPRCH PPRCH C2R Maximum Blue x LPRCH C2R Blu Sable)