Greg Lucas, of Chance 2 Ranch, has hunted unregistered field Beagles for 30 years.  In 2013, as our pack got older, we decided to purchase Registered AKC Beagles.  We started with a 14.5 inch bluetick field Beagle stud puppy, C2R Maximum Blue (going back to heavy Dingus MacRae) and a 13.5 inch bluetick female, C2R Makem Ticked (heavy Oakhill bloodlines).  We wanted to have accurate gun dogs, first and foremost.  In 2014, we added 3 15 inch pups from Sidehill Kueka Blue / Northway lines that would add foot to our foundation.  As these 5 pups grew, we started going to field trials to test their talents.  All 5 are now field champions after just 5 years, and 3 of them are dual-format champions (NKC Little Pack and Progressive Pack).  In 2015 we began purchasing top quality show Beagles to add conformation into our pack. We now have 3 champion Show Beagles, royally bred with Lanbur and Walk in the Park bloodlines. It is from these foundation Beagles that we are building a line of rabbit dogs that not only will have typey conformation that meets the AKC Beagle Standard, but will be spectacular in the field showing ability to withstand extreme heat and cold and endurance to hunt all day to deliver its quarry. 

Meet our Champions as of 2019:

Our first dual champion is LPRCH / PPRCH C2R Makem Ticked, our Oakhill-bred female.  Mia is only 13.5 inches and doesn’t have a ton of foot, but she locks on to a rabbit track and with her chop mouth takes the checks away from other dogs every time.  We trialed her in NKC Little Pack and she earned her championship in 2 seasons.  By the second season we were also trialing her NKC Progressive Pack, where she quickly earned her championship making her our first dual format champion.  She is a great little gun dog  – we didn’t go wrong using her as our foundation stock.

LPRCH / PPRCH C2R Bella Blu Amore.  Bella was started in NKC Little Pack were she earned her championship in one season at under a year old.  She took 3rd in the Michigan LP State Hunt out of 73 dogs. The following season she champed out in NKC Progressive Pack, making her our second dual format Champion. Bella also came in 4th in her AKC Midwest SPO Derby out of around 28 dogs.  She is pretty impressive in the field and proving to throw her wicked hunt on to her pups.

LPRCH C2R Blu Smokin’ Diesel is a special dog to us.  He is Bella’s half brother and Sable’s full brother.  Diesel is a big dog – he is super fast and can gear down and work a check.  Unfortunately for us, he measured over 15 inches by 1/8 of an inch later in his career, so even though he earned his championship in NKC Little Pack, won two AKC Midwest SPO Derbies and also won an NKC Progressive Pack trial, his career was cut short.  He went on to a new owner that runs hare with him in northern Michigan. 

LPRCH C2R Blu Sable is Diesel’s full sister  – we didn’t start her career until after Diesel and Bella, but she proved to be just as awesome.  Sable finished as a champion in NKC Little Pack in just 4 trials.  She also has all of her points to finish in NKC Progressive Pack but her career got put on hold to have a litter of pups in 2018.  These pups are going to rock!

LPRCH / PPRCH C2R Maximum Blue is also near and dear to our hearts.  Max is a superstar checkmaster.  In 2016, he had a problem with his nose – at a trial he must have gotten a foreign object in there and it took us 8 months and $3,500 later to figure it out.  Unfortunately, his nose will never be the same – the left side has permanent damage.  That didn’t stop him from winning in Progressive Pack 3 times and taking 2nd at the Progressive Pack State Hunt in 2017!  He more than earned his championship there!  And in 2018 he finished his Little Pack championship making him our 3rd dual format champion!  Love this dog!

AKC Show Champion Beagles

CH Copper Sky Aerial’s Park N Go “Fancy1”  This little 13″ beagle is a rock star – not only did she earn her championship in AKC conformation at the age of 14 months, but she is on her way to earning a field championship running rabbits!  We hope to make her an AKC Dual Title Champion.