Expense of Owning Dogs

Owning a breeding operation is not an inexpensive venture. Along with a lot of hard work, daily hard work, comes the expenses. If done properly, the pack has to stay at its optimum health for reproducing quality dogs. Here is a generalized list of what our expenses have been this past year, for a breeding female and a breeding male, per dog, and then in yellow is what it costs to maintain a dog – this is something you should consider before buying – can you afford a dog? Don’t buy one if you cannot afford to maintain it’s health. It’s wise to check with your veterinarian and what he charges for these services – including dentals, vaccinations, titer testing, etc., and have a contingency fund for any abnormal expenses like surgeries or injuries. These are the expenses that we consider when we price our puppies. We have a pack of 8-12 show dogs at any given time, plus 2-4 litters per year. The expenses go up with anything out of the ordinary that happens as well.