Full Show Litter – Airey x Fancy, due 5/27/19, ready to go to new homes by July 2019.

Full Show Litter, Airey x Darcy, Due June 4, 2019, ready to go by end of July.

No deposit required.  Call/text to get on the list or give us a call with what you are looking for – we sometimes have young dogs or others that we may be willing to part with if matched up to just the right person.  Thank you for choosing C2R!  (231) 258-0973.

C2R owns and breeds show and field Beagles for purposes of improving our pack.  We keep several puppies from each litter, so from time to time we have puppies and young prospects available for purchase and most likely have both parents on site.  We provide the best health care, nutrition and supplements that we possibly can. C2R uses stimulation training techniques as well as scent training techniques.  As a result, we feel our dogs are more stable as adults, and that they are smarter and more “in-tune” to their owners.   We match dogs we sell to just the right owners, so if you are interested in one of our dogs, get on our waiting list by calling (231) 258-0973.
Puppies will have had their first set of shots, dew claws removed if any, and will have been properly wormed and introduced to a high quality dry solid food and appropriate supplements.  In addition, we do stimulation and scent work training from day 3 to 16 and continue this process until the puppy leaves C2R.
ABOUT BEAGLES: If you have never had a beagle and are thinking about owning one:  Beagles are scent hounds – they will follow a scent.  So it is wise to have a fenced in area to let your Beagle out in.  They can be kept in the house or outside, however, if outside, you need an insulated dog house or somewhere for them to get in out of the snow, sun and rain.  Beagles are loyal to their owners – we call them big dogs in little packages.  They love to play, love to know what you are doing, and will learn their owner’s needs and expressions quickly.  Beagles are food motivated so training can be quite easy.  With the stimulation that C2R does as puppies, we feel our Beagles understand their owners better and learn faster.  Beagles can do anything from scent work, agility, field work, Frisbee, ball games, they can go on boats and do water activities as well.  Beagles love the interaction and will do everything in their power to please their owner.  They will get into things in your house if you don’t provide plenty of things for them to do.  Beagles will learn your schedule and become an integral part of your family.  Everyone should own a Beagle!