We do not currently have any pups for sale. 

Our waiting list is closed for 2021 so we will not be accepting any more applications at this time.

UPDATE 4/1/21:  For those of you already on our waiting list, we are still awaiting heat cycles, except for Betty (hunting) that is due tomorrow and looks to have a nice litter – if you were on the list for a hunting pup, we will contact you once we know how many we have and if they are healthy, in about a week or so.

Upcoming Planned Breedings, in order of heat cycles due:

   Diamond (hunting)
   Millie (show)
   Mercy (show)
   Bella (hunting)
   Maya (show)
   Velvet (hunting)
   Betty (hunting)
   Judy (show)

Please be patient, and let me know if you no longer wish to be on the waiting list as it is ever-changing.  I do try to accommodate everyone but unfortunately we are not a puppy mill, and are at the mercy of when the females come into heat and how many puppies they have. We do not have puppies on demand.  I appreciate buyers who long for just the right puppy and are willing to wait for a healthy, perfect fit. 


We have three styles of AKC Registered Beagles that we have been developing for our own breeding program.  From time to time, we offer some to the public through a waiting list.  

Our SHOW DOGS are top quality from Champion bloodlines and this style ranges from $1,500  – $2,500 for a puppy.  Not only are they beautiful, but they make awesome companions and performance dogs.  Show Beagles are not usually hunting dogs – they don’t have as much innate drive to hunt, although we have had a few that showed great desire.

HUNTING/SHOW–   We have started the process of crossing our show bloodlines with our hunting bloodlines to create a better looking, AKC registered, hunting Beagle.  This style is $1,000 for a puppy and we have had some success in getting them to hunt, although we cannot guarantee that pups of this style will indeed hunt.  This dual-purpose style of Beagle make awesome companions and look great as well.

Our start in Beagles was with the HUNTING (field) style.  These Beagles will be less houndy, less boxy-headed, more streamlined and have a great desire to hunt.  We sought out extreme-weather champion bloodlines, as we like to hunt cottontail and hare in Michigan’s coldest winters.  The hunting style Beagle makes a great companion – they are tightly wired to live in packs and enjoy your company.  We spent five years of every-weekend field trialing to prove our bloodlines, and spent many, many hours in the woods to ensure they were awesome gun dogs as well.  This field style of Beagle is $800 for a puppy.