C2R performs nomographs (blood tests that show antibody levels) on breeding bitches to determine levels of immunity passed on to the puppies. This gives us detailed information about when EACH puppy should be vaccinated, how often, and if they are actually immunized against Parvo and Distemper.


Parvo and Distemper. DAPP or DAPPi. (distemper, adrenovirus, parvo, parainfluenza viruses). A Puppy needs only ONE vaccine for distemper/parvo, after the mother’s antibodies have waned to be immunized for LIFE. Immunity can be tested through blood antibody levels (titer test) 2 weeks after the vaccination to ensure immunization has occurred.


Leptopirosis should not be given until pup is at least 12 weeks old and we prefer older, the vaccine is only good for 12 months or less, so we give it in the spring before the weather warms up – a puppy must have a booster at 3 weeks and then annual after that – it is hard on a dog’s system so watch for reactions for 3 days after vaccinating and get immediate help if you notice reactions. Lepto is spread through an infected animal’s urine (rodents/wild dogs/skunks, etc), and stagnant water areas – lepto is a bacteria, not a virus.

Flu vaccines don’t last very long (thus, annual vaccination needed) if there’s an outbreak in your area or if your dog is going to public events.

Bordatella (Kennel Cough) should be given annually and sometimes bi-annually if exposure is a risk (not long-lasting). We give it in the spring.

Lymes Vaccination is controversial and as of this writing, we do not use it. We instead use flea and tick topical prevention such as FrontLine, Vectra 3D, or the like (never feed-through drugs like Credellio or Nexguard).