Our Health Team

Chance 2 Ranch uses Concord Veterinary Clinic, 412 N Main St, Concord, MI 49237. Dr. Klingler and his staff are knowledgeable about day to day vetting, and even some reproductive vetting. they do offer surgeries and cesareans as well when needed. I have Dr. Klingler do all our dew claw removals as his is a skilled surgeon, ensuring the pups will have no problems later in life at the dew claw tendons. Give them a call at 517-524-8180 or visit https://concordvetclinic.com/.

When we need some specialized reproductive service, we use Schultz Veterinary Clinic, 2770 Bennett Rd, Okemos, MI 48864, Michigan, 517-337-4800. Dr. Schultz and his staff have done semen analysis for us as well as female reproductive checks. https://schultzvetclinic.com

When our litters are due, Dr. Klingler and his staff are available to discuss any birthing issues we might have, and if there is an emergency, we take our dogs to Michigan State University Veterinary Medical Center, Small Animal Hospital in Lansing, Michigan. 517-353-5420. https://cvm.msu.edu/hospital/emergency.

Something that most people don’t think about is chiropractic for dogs. Beagles, in particular, are “long and low” body style, meaning that their spine is very long and subject to injury. When they work hard in the field or even from jumping up and down off a bed, on the furniture, out of a car or off a tail gait, can cause serious disc damage. At C2R, we start chiropractic on our pups when they begin to walk, around 4 months old. This early treatment catches any issues sustained from the birthing process and also trains the muscles and bones to line up properly. When the pups reach 6-7 months old (after puberty), we have them adjusted again. And then, anytime during their lifetime if their stride seems a bit “off” or if we notice anything, they get adjusted. I can’t tell you how helpful this has been so so many dogs we have owned, and how much it prolongs their life. Currently, we use Kimberly Jackson, on Saline-Ann Arbor Road, Saline, Michigan, (734) 930-6990. She is really good and very reasonable pricing.

We also use The Animal Ophthalmology Center 1300 W Grand River Ave, Williamston, MI 48895, 517-655-2777 for any eye exams and eye injuries we encounter. They have been wonderful and have the best equipment to take care of your dog’s needs.


From time to time, we run into a training issue or behavioral issue that we can’t put our finger on.  We have called in the help of Judy Ramsey from Chelsea, Michigan.  Judy runs Heart to Heart Animal Communication and Shamanic Practice and has spent a lifetime learning about support for animal behavioral issues, death and grieving issues, and PTSD in animals and people.  Mrs. Ramsey can connect with our animals and she gets pictures of what the animal is picturing in their minds – it’s not voodoo- its just a deeper connection.  This insight has helped us figure out better ways to train our animals and help them be as happy as possible.  Mrs. Ramsey also teaches a two-year shamanic program and provides shamanic healing for animals as well.  Visit her website at https://JudyRamsey.net and see what she can do  for you.