What You Get

Greg, Rachel and Brioni at the Barkaritaville show March 2022

Anyone can breed dogs.  So why buy from C2R? 

We have been breeding Beagles for a decade, and have dozens of litters under our belt.  We breed for ourselves- to improve our hunting stock and show stock.  We have invested thousands of dollars into our dogs and have a vested interest in producing well-bred Beagles that find their forever homes with loving families.  Breeding Beagles is our love – we spend many hours reviewing pedigrees, diseases, health tests, training our dogs, talking to other breeders and learning about our breed.

So what do you get when you purchase from C2R?

Parents that have been thoughtfully selected for their benefits to our breeding program, and that have been genetically health tested through Embarkvet.com, and properly fed a nutritious diet along with supplements, worming, vaccinations, and proper health care, and a pair selected to add value to our pack.

Pups that have been whelped in our home and then moved outside to a heated kennel with access to an exercise yard for proper bone development, and the start of early socialization skills.

Pups that have been weaned gently, started on quality food and supplements to ensure long life.

A health record for your pup that shows all vaccination labels and dates when wormed.

A complete pedigree of ancestors.

AKC registration already paid for and transferred into the new owners name, along with AKC pet insurance for 30 days, free.

Contract that includes a health guarantee and statement that we will get first right of refusal if you decide to sell the dog and that we will assist you in finding the dog a perfect new home should you no longer want it.

You can feel confident that while no one can guarantee your dog will not have any health issues that we cannot test for, C2R dogs are bred with intent and purpose and we try to raise healthy, happy dogs.