In the show ring and in the field, Chance 2 Ranch (C2R) strives for dual purpose Beagles: correct conformation and movement, wicked hunt and drive. Schedule a visit to meet our packs.

Our mission is to develop a line of Beagles with extreme desire to hunt, while maintaining the AKC Standard for conformation.  Not an easy task; many have tried and failed.  Our goals are to improve our breeding stock in both our hunt and show packs and to evaluate individuals based on DNA health testing and natural abilities. We are five years into our program and several generations of dogs later, and are getting closer to our ideal.  Along the way, we hope to provide the quality pets that are intelligent, kind, and easy to train. You will know a C2R dog when you see it and meet it.

Rachel Lucas is a supporting member of the National Beagle Club and is striving to become a Breeder of Merit with the American Kennel Club.  She has been showing Beagles since 2017 and has shown 4 Beagles to Championship level, one of those went on to Grand Champion level, and one of those was a male that she raised from her breeding.  Rachel is also an NKC ARHA Bench Judge for hunting dogs and holds her judging license in AKC SPO format. She has whelped over 12 litters in 11 years as of 2020, and continues education regarding health, nutrition, and whelping.

Greg Lucas has hunted most of his life, loves his dogs and takes very good care of them, and has health tested his breeding stock.  Greg is a well known judge in NKC ARHA Little Pack and Progressive Pack and is also a judge for AKC SPO, has his Breed Inspector license and Master of Hounds license.  Greg specializes in starting young pups gently in the field and training them up to be outstanding field dogs.  He has raised and produced 5 field Champions, 3 of those are dual-format field Champions.


White Gloves Beagles in Virginia, where focus is on conformation and performance Beagles. Visit them at www.wgfarm.com.

Lanbur Beagles in North Carolina, Breeders of the Year 2019, focusing on movement and conformation. Visit them at www.lanburbeagles.com

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